Thursday, April 21, 2011


Its been a week and one day since my transfer out in Oregon. I flew out on Tuesday of last week with my friend Danielle and we came home on Friday. The procedure took place around 1:30pm on Wednesday the 13th. It was painless and very quick. The only discomfort was having to have a full bladder. After it was done, we went back to the hotel to start my bedrest until we left on friday. It was very relaxing but I missed my son and couldnt wait to get home to him!
On Monday I took an at-home pregnancy test. I was actually shocked when the results came up positive so soon! I took another one yesterday and it was positive as well. I shared the news with my IF's and they were very excited! I go for bloodwork tomorrow to officially confirm, but Im already experiencing pregnancy symptoms so Im sure it will be good news tomorrow afternoon. And if it is, that means Im just shy of 6wks pregnant and the due date for the baby/s would be around mid-December...Merry Christmas to my IF's!! :)

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