Saturday, February 26, 2011

Patches and Needles and Meds, Oh My!

Meds have arrived!! :D
So, I waited all day for my package to come yesterday. Something went wrong with the shipping so it arrived early this morning.
Mind you, I was expecting a bunch of stuff. But nothing prepared me for when I actually got to open the box and see it all at one time! Must say, I was a little overwhelmed for a minute. And the whole order hasnt even been shipped. Im waiting on a ton more boxes of hormone patches yet that are on back order.
All in all, I am more excited then anything! Receiving this package just shows how close my IP's and I are into entering the pregnancy part of our journey. Needles and meds? BRING IT ON!!! :D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ending the day with great news!

What a wonderful way to end a very long day!
I just received a message from my IF's that the test results came back what we were praying for! So Im hoping that I get a new cycle calendar by Monday at the latest. Possibly looking at a transfer the first week of April at the latest maybe? So exciting! My IF's have to fly out to Oregon tomorrow so that they can give their sample, just to be on the safe side so we dont get this whole journey put on hold again.
Im very anxious to start my hormone shots and be done with the birth control. My body has always hated BC. It gives me nothing but pain and cramps. So a big smile of relief when that can stop. :D

Friday, February 11, 2011

Turkey Baster?!

Really? A turkey baster?!
My boyfriend was watching The Steve Wilkos show yesterday and it just so happened that he was doing a show about a 16 yr old surrogate mother who supposedly "stole" a couples baby. We recorded it on the DVR and watched it last night. It was nothing like I thought it would be...
First off, a 16 yr old surrogate mother? I knew something didnt sound right. It turned out that the young surrogate was homeless with her 2 yr old son. A woman and her husband took her in with the stipulations of her having the couples baby. Now heres where it gets even more disgusting...
Not only did the couple prey on this young girl that was in need. They had her have sex with the husband in order to conceive the child. There was talk of wanting to use a turkey baster (wow...i thought people just joked about that!), but the husband, of course, jumped at the chance to sleep with a young girl. The couple never asked the girl for ID, medical records, or anything. Nor did they take her to one doctors checkup.
In the end, the young girl moved out to live with her very mature boyfriend. She apparently was having sex with him at the same time and when she had the baby, she said it was his and not the couples baby.
It was hard as hell to finish watching the show. It made me sick...the couple reminded me of nothing but 100% pure white trailer trash. And the whole situation, i felt, made surrogacy look so unglorified! Being a surrogate mother should be something to be looked up to and should be one of the most rewarding, unselfish things a woman ever does in her lifetime. Not something that was made so disgusting and dirty...
Ok, enough of that. Just thought id share that. I heard some good news from my IF's yesterday morning. It looks like ill be receiving a tenative schedule for my shots and transfer by the end of next week! So hopefully (fingers crossed!), the transfer will only be put back a few weeks at the most! :) Im so excited and praying for everything to go wonderfully!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shall we wait?

Patience. Its a good thing I was blessed with some.
I am doing my first surrogacy journey. This has been something Ive wanted to do ever since I was a child. There is no greater gift than to give the gift of life! I hated seeing so many people have children that didnt want them or barely cared for them when there was so many people out there hurting. Hurting because they couldnt have children of their own. So now that I have a wonderful son of my own, I can help people that want nothing more than to have a family.
I started looking into being a surrogate quite some time ago. I found an amazing agency and started working with them in late August of 2010. It was alot of running around, getting medical records and filling out tons of questions. But I managed to get it all done in a weeks time. After that came a brief waiting period. The agency had to find me a person/couple that matched my criteria and such. I was then matched by the beginning of October with two amazing people! They came to my house and met my family before Halloween. It felt as if Ive known them my whole life. Thats when I knew I was destined to do this, especially for this couple.
After our first meeting, we all waited for contracts to be drawn up. It took a couple weeks and my couple took a short vaca. I got to travel with my boyfriend across the country to the clinic where the whole pregnancy transfer will take place. This occurred on January 2nd. Suprisingly, we were stuck back in the "waiting game" once again. The egg donor took a super long vaca and decided to sit on her contract for a couple weeks after. It was very frustrating, but its all apart of the process.
So hear I am, its February 9th, and now we are waiting on a minor set back. I was supposed to start my hormone shots this past Monday. I will be on shots for a little over a month and then the transfer/pregnancy will take place! We all have our fingers crossed for good news tomorrow that we may move forward and start the shots. The anticipation is killing us all!