Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Almost to the Beginning...

After more than 7 months since I started this surrogacy journey (and much longer Im sure, for my IF's), we are almost to the "beginning". The pregnancy! :)
I started my Lupron injection yesterday. I was completely calm and cool about doing the self-injections until the morning of. Im not afraid of needles at all but it was a little scary having to stick them in your own skin! lol But after I willed myself to do it, repeatedly coaching myself that I had been through childbirth and that a little needle was a piece of cake, I realized that the needle didnt hurt one bit. The only discomfort was the slight itching afterward, like a bug bite. And a tiny bit of tenderness at the site. But other than that, it was a breeze.
I was so anxious to start the injections because now I know it is a little over a month til the transfer of embryos...pregnancy! :) And the Lupron is doing its job already. I have experienced slight headaches and tenderness is certain areas of my body and a few other possible side effects.
So let the countdown to the beginning begin!

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