Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Surrogacy Journey, Take 3

It's hard to believe I'm working on my third journey already! Seems like just yesterday I was carrying the twins from my first surrogacy!
I didn't write much about my second journey. I enjoyed it and having babies for people that cannot is always an amazing experience. But I didn't feel as connected to that couple as I did with my first journey. The contact with the parents was very minimal and there has been no contact since a month post the baby girls birth. I am completely fine with whatever contact the parents wish to have, but I am hoping for a little bit more interaction with the set of women that I am matched up with this time. I gave birth to the last baby on April 5th of this year. She was absolutely beautiful and she has an older sister who is 6 years old. I got to fly to Boston, MA for that journey.
This Thursday I get to fly out to Connecticut for my med screening. After that, I will get a tentative timeline for when my hormone injections will start and when the transfer might be. It's exciting to think that I could be pregnant again before Christmas! Wish me luck! :)