Saturday, November 19, 2011

Time Flys When Your Baking Twinkies!

Ok, so maybe the last few weeks havent flown by, but seriously, I can remember my day of embryos transfered like it was yesterday...
The twins will be 34wks tomorrow. Its been a very trying pregnancy. Completely different than my pregnancy with my son. I should have expected that, considering two babies are much more difficult than one. But I suppose you never fully understand until you actually experience it. I havent been able to sleep laying down for months now. I stay downstairs at night, propped up in the corner of my sectional. My friend has to do my grocery shopping since walking is literally a pain. And Ive been contracting for weeks now. Multiple trips to the hospital and praying the next one is when the babies are ready to come! :)
The twins were over 4lbs a month ago so Im eager to see what their growth is on Wednesday. I have 2 appointments a week for stress tests but the babies seem to be doing very well! Ive just been put on bedrest but it shouldnt be for much longer.
Anyways, even though its been a roller coaster of ups and downs, pain and excitement, I wouldnt trade this wonderful experience for anything! I couldnt have been blessed with more caring, down to earth parents to do this for. Im so excited for them to meet their babies. To see their faces when they see them for the first time. To get to be a part of making them a family is such an amazing gift!I feel honored that they allowed me to carry their own flesh and blood for nine months. They trusted me with the lives of their babies and knew that I would take good care of them. Aside from having my son, this is one of the greatest things Ive ever done!
I just want to thank everyone that has helped me along this journey. My IP's, of course. They were great to my son and spoiled me throughout the pregnancy. My best friend, Danielle, who took me to almost all my appointments and helped watch my son, gave me breaks when I was exhausted, administered my hormone shots and listened to me whine when I needed to. I couldnt have done this without you! And to Scott who supported me from the beginning with my desire to do this. Not many boyfriends/husbands are ok with their woman carrying other peoples babies. Also, Scotts father, who knew the amount of pain Ive been in and watched my son more times than he needed to. Lastly, my surrogate friends. It was so nice to get to message you with my concerns or questions. And to get to follow your journeys as well.
So heres to an amazing birthing experience coming very soon! What a special day for the twins and their parents. It is one that I wont forget, either!

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