Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Such a Beautiful Miracle Times 2

Two amazing mens lives were changed forever when they received one phone call on Sunday, November 22nd, 2011 at 4:22pm...
The night before the big day, I had had a lot of pain; moreso than normal. I got up around 5am and waited til my son Austin and boyfriend Scott woke up. It was Sunday which meant football would be on TV. Scott took Austin out to eat for breakfast and to the store. I got a shower and went next door to visit my friend Danielle and her son. We then took the kids to the mall to get their hair cuts and headed home. Austin was quite moody so Scott put him down for a nap. I went back next door and wrapped some gifts with Danielle and she painted my toes for me (since I couldnt reach them lol). After that, I went back home to write out some bills and take a nap myself.
I was just finishing a Happy Birthday card for one of the twins' fathers when I felt a familiar "pop". I just smiled to myself and stayed on the couch for a few minutes. Scotts dad came over and Austin was just waking up from his nap. I decided to get up and head to the bathroom. Sure enough, my water had broke so I told Scott that I was gonna head to the hospital. He went and got Danielle and she handed him her baby to watch and off we went to the York Hospital.
Now my water never popped on its own with my son so I wasnt sure what to expect. I called the fathers as soon as I got in my car. They were in the middle of painting their place so they quickly cleaned up and headed on their way to the hospital as well. They were coming from New York so it would be a 4 hour drive for them.
We arrived at the hospital around 5pm. The labor pains were unbelievable! Hard contractions every 3 to 5 minutes. When the doctor checked me, I was 5cm dialated and contractions were every other minute. It seemed never ending and since I last ate at noon, they wanted to hold off the Csection until 6:30pm... That would be the longest hour of my life. Watching the clock while the contractions seemed to blend into one another. I had a ton of nurses and doctors and the anestesiologist taking over my room, asking tons of questions and all I could do was cry and try to breathe through the pain and answer them.
All the while, I knew the boys wouldnt make it for the birth. I was sad but I wouldve been more sad had they missed a natural birth instead. The Csection was the safest route for the twins. The boy was heads down but the girl was breech and sitting on his head which wouldve complicated a natural birth.
Anyway, I was finally wheeled off to the OR at 6:30pm. If I remember correctly, the baby boy was delivered at 6:54 and the baby girl was delivered st 6:55pm.

Benjamin Tobias

Alexandra Caroline

What perfect little angels! Alexandra came out screaming! She was always such a drama queen! :) And they both weighed over 6 pounds! Such healthy little ones. I went to recovery while the babies headed toward the NICU to await their anxious parents.
I believe they arrived sometime after 9pm. They came to see me around 11:30pm. I was so happy that they fnally got to meet their babies!
The next few days would be ones that I will never forget! The boys graciously welcomed me and my family into their family and included me in feedings and visiting, holding the babies and pictures. They truely are the most beautiful twins Ive ever seen. Benjamin seems to be the calm one.So quiet. While Alexandra is the more vocal one. Her eyes are captivating and she has a look about her that makes her seem worldly for her young age of only a few days. Something tells me these babies are something extra special! :)
I was discharged today (Wednesday). The babies will most likely go home Saturday which is amazing! I woke up this morning and  could tell my hormones were crashing. I had tears off and on. I wasnt crying because I didnt have the twins to take home. They were tears of complete joy for the fathers'. And excitement to see my boys again. I missed home. And soon the babies would get to know their home. What a blessing everyday really is now for the fathers!
I will be visiting the twins and the parents on Friday to say our goodbyes. Facebook will be a wonderful way to stay in touch with pictures and such. Im grateful for whatever they choose. They have touched my life in a way that I wouldve never thought possible. They have helped me become a better person. To fulfill a dream. This journey is one I will never forget. I intend to do another surrogacy but none will be able to compare to this...

The twins!

Scott with the twins. :)

Alexandra and Daddy

Scott & I with the little miracles!

Proud Fathers' <3



  1. Beautiful birth story, congratulations on such an amazing journey.

  2. Wow! Congrats all around!!! Great job!!! You look great by the way!