Friday, February 11, 2011

Turkey Baster?!

Really? A turkey baster?!
My boyfriend was watching The Steve Wilkos show yesterday and it just so happened that he was doing a show about a 16 yr old surrogate mother who supposedly "stole" a couples baby. We recorded it on the DVR and watched it last night. It was nothing like I thought it would be...
First off, a 16 yr old surrogate mother? I knew something didnt sound right. It turned out that the young surrogate was homeless with her 2 yr old son. A woman and her husband took her in with the stipulations of her having the couples baby. Now heres where it gets even more disgusting...
Not only did the couple prey on this young girl that was in need. They had her have sex with the husband in order to conceive the child. There was talk of wanting to use a turkey baster (wow...i thought people just joked about that!), but the husband, of course, jumped at the chance to sleep with a young girl. The couple never asked the girl for ID, medical records, or anything. Nor did they take her to one doctors checkup.
In the end, the young girl moved out to live with her very mature boyfriend. She apparently was having sex with him at the same time and when she had the baby, she said it was his and not the couples baby.
It was hard as hell to finish watching the show. It made me sick...the couple reminded me of nothing but 100% pure white trailer trash. And the whole situation, i felt, made surrogacy look so unglorified! Being a surrogate mother should be something to be looked up to and should be one of the most rewarding, unselfish things a woman ever does in her lifetime. Not something that was made so disgusting and dirty...
Ok, enough of that. Just thought id share that. I heard some good news from my IF's yesterday morning. It looks like ill be receiving a tenative schedule for my shots and transfer by the end of next week! So hopefully (fingers crossed!), the transfer will only be put back a few weeks at the most! :) Im so excited and praying for everything to go wonderfully!

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