Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Thankful Ass!

Today Im 10 weeks pregnant with the amazing boys' twins! :) Time is flying by. Seems like it was yesterday instead of almost a year ago when I realized it was time to start searching for an agency to be a surrogate. Its funny how the decision was such a big one, but also was one of the easiest decisions of my life. I have a ways to go with this journey, but I cant wait to begin another. I saw that one of the women that works for the agency posted that there are 40+ families waiting to be matched with a surrogate. How heart breaking it must be for those people to wait for months, even years just so they can have the gift of their own children. The gift that tons of people take for granite.
On that note, Ill be the first person to stand up and say Im proud of what Im doing. My friends and family are proud of me as well. Ive had people wrinkle up their noses that I am doing this surrogacy. Those are close-minded, ignorant people that probably never had to dream of having a family. Never had to deal with infertility or the fact that it would be impossible to conceive children. And it also upsets me to no end that there are still women today that are going to abortion clinics just because they might not know the father or cant afford the baby. Thats why there are adoption agencies. Tons of people/couples would love to adopt a newborn. I feel as if when women make that decision, it takes away everything that Im striving to do. Its the exact contradiction of my journey. They decide to end an innocent life and I decide to help bring new ones to very much deserving people. I never knew that I would have so many different emotions when I started all of this.
So, enough of that for now. My pregnancy has been wonderful so far. I havent had too many cravings. Hot wings, pizza with A1 sauce, pickels (thats an all-the-time fav though :) )...Thats about it. Oh, and salads as of lately. Ive been tired a lot of the time and its hard for me to stay up past 9pm. Twins def strectch the stomach out faster than a singleton. My belly is usually sore from the little babies constantly growing and making room. As far as morning sickness, Ive only been getting an upset stomach at night (same as when I was pregnant with my son) and it has been nothing bad that has sent me running to the bathroom. So Ive been very lucky in that area once again! :) Im finally done at my monitoring clinic in Baltimore so I may see my own OB in York. And the really good news?! I get to stop my hormone shots!!!! I have a very thankful ass!! :)